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We at Ayursukheebhava provide various services to the nature of the clients. Wish how you would like to spend the
time here we can talk and come to a conclusion.
OM DEVY SUKHEEBHAVA HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTER has been established in the year 2007
and inaugurated by Andhra Pradesh ex-Chief Minister Mr.K.ROSAIAH.Rated as best in class for pure ayurveda treatments like Ksharasutra & Panchakarma and formulations with top accreditation. We provide specialty treatments like Classical Panchakarma Soundarya vardhini (Beauty Therapies),Kshara Sutra, Leech Therapy, Vajikarana & Rasayana and Detoxification.




Pancha karma Therapy is a Special therapeutic procedure popular practiced in Ayurveda for bio-purification of the body with rejuvenative effect.


Detoxification means cleaning the blood. This is done by removing impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination.


Leech therapy

It is the treatment for medical conditions. Leeches are carnivorous or bloodsucking aquatic worms typically having two “suckers,” at each end.

Health Tips


Ayurveda or the science of Life is a holistic approach to healthcare that helps people live long, healthy and well-balanced lives